Immigration Canada Infographic on “Streamlined” Process for Revocation of Citizenhip

Check out this handy infographic that details how Canada is streamlining its process for revoking citizenship. Under the new law enacted through bill C-24 in 2014, anyone who is a citizen but was either a) not born in Canada or b) was born in Canada but also holds citizenship in another country (dual citizens) could potentially have their citizenship revoked.

Strengthening Canadian Citizenship - Streamlining Citizenship Revocation

This law is part of a disturbing trend across the globe of various nations taking steps to limit and reduce citizenship rights, and is an issue that I will be tackling in my next feature documentary, Citizen. I will be starting pre-production for Citizen in fall 2015 as part of my artist’s residency at York University’s Osgoode Law School.

For more information on the implications of bill C-24, click here.

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