13 thoughts on “Magic Lantern Setup, Settings, and Shooting Raw HD on the 50D”

  1. Man, great job!! Thanks.
    What about using ETTR module – exposure to the right? Just started to re-use my 50d after discovering ML, this function may be useful, just wonder that it may loose the cinematic look, as shutter speed should be about 1/48
    regards! Tomasz

    1. Hey Tomasz,

      I haven’t experimented with ETTR much, but yes you are correct that you want to stick close to 1/48 shutter speed. I believe there is a minimum shutter option in the ETTR menu which stops the ETTR settings from suggesting speeds like 1/12. But unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a way to set a max or exact shutter speed, which to me is pretty silly since shutter speed is the one thing I pretty much never change.

    1. Good suggestion! Card warmup, or warming up the camera yourself with an initial test shot, does help increase the write speed. Usually my 2nd or 3rd shots get much longer record times.

    1. Since the 50D wasn’t released as a video capable camera, there is no audio recording possible in camera. I use an external recorder, and when I need to “sync” footage, I have someone in frame simply clap their hands together after both camera and sound are rolling.

      I just purchased the Tascam DR-60D mark 2, which at $200 is a fabulous recorder that should cover pretty much all low to mid-budget film production needs (the pre-amps are much better than the H4N or Tascam DR-100 and other mid-level recorders). You need an external shotgun mic. I have an old Audio Technica 835b that works great with it.

      I was trained on 16mm film back in the day in film school in the early 90s, and the process of syncing is the same. In your editing program, mark the frame where your subjects hands (or the slate, if you use one) first comes together, then find the first frame of the sound of the clap in your audio file. Match the two frames up, and viola! Your footage is synced.

      So, the fact that the 50D can’t record sound is a bummer, as it would make syncing easier in post to be able to use Plural Eyes or the features built in to the various NLEs, but it’s really not hard or a big deal to make sync-sound films with the 50D just by going a little old school.

  2. Been using Magic Lantern on my 50d for a while now and have always had to sift through ML Forums for what seems like hours to piece together what it is I was looking for. It is so refreshing to see something like this all in one place. You’re doing Gods work son!

  3. Great guide! I read conon 50d don’t support exFat and you can only record about a minute of RAW, how do you overcome this problem?

    1. The cards can only record files of a max size of about 4gb, but the camera keeps recording and automatically “spans” the files. When you convert from the raw files (to DNG for example), your conversion software automatically joins those spanned files together.

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